Tuesday, May 29, 2007

World Jamboree Set from USA continue to show up

Don Roberts has created the attached set of IST patches.
(WSJ official patch included in photo for reference)
These are being offered to USA IST.

For further information, contact Donald S. Roberts at
Tel: 714-978-6771 Fax: 714-634-3869
Email: donald@hummellawfirm.com

Sunday, May 27, 2007

World Jamboree Collector Society 2nd Series patch - Wales

2nd Series of World Jamboree Collector Society CSP feature the legend of king arthur and the round table Knight with the flag of Wales. Kindly watch out this blog for future issue of 3rd and 4th in series.

What else new?

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

World Jamboree Collector Society 1st Contingent Patch

This will be the 1st CSP style club patch for the world Jamboree and this will be the 1st of the series of 4 patches feature 4 kingdom of Britain:
1. Scotland
2. Wales
3. Northern Ireland
4. England
Each design will show an icon that best represent the kingdom. For Scotland, Loch Ness (the sea monster/prehistoric dinasourus) is choosen. Watch out for the other 3 in the series which will be appeared here anytimes from now.

Please continue to send me picture of the troop patches, so that i can add in here.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

I want your actual patch, your patch artwork and all your side products

Unit 225, Uk scout logo

Brazil Contingent Logo

Hertfordshire, UK, IST patch logo.

Indonesia Contingent Logo

Slovenia Contingent logo.

If you want to send me any of your scanned patches, design artworks or anything you thing related, spoof or real, or even the clearer picture of my existing one, please email me at wj_contingent@yahoo.com (world Jamboree collector society)

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Show me your Designs

Why hide your finding? If you know something, or your have some ideas whether they are paper artwork or actual sample, please send me an email with attachment so that I can include them here. If you plan to sell it for the benefit of the troops or contingent, i will do the advertisement free for you.

21st World Jamboree 2007 -Troop Patches and etc....

Everyone is getting so exciting now about world jamboree collections particularly for those who are going after the Jamboree Shoulder Patches. Those may be a local council issue, a troop issue or it may be the IST private issue. Here are some of them which appear in ebay, from the local council flyer and from individual information thru specific group like Patch-L and etc... let lay back and watch.