Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Mix collection from australia, new zealand, Uk and USA

Watch Out!
On tomorrow posting, I will include Taiwan (Scout of China) Contingent items and Hong Kong Contingent items which inclusive of 12 troop badge designs. All this will be listed exclusively in the snapfish album.
Below here are some new items found:

More pictures added to WJSC new Photo Album

Some more new items from Japan Contingent have added into the World Jamboree Collectors Society new Photo Album @ album. You will require to input a password to access the page. For the password, I will individually send invitation to you whenever you could contribute a picture, a scan or something from your country that related to the world jamboree.

To move on or

Just Wait!

When you join, please add your name, address, contact number and all other things listed in the auto forward doc to you. If you just write: Hi, I am a scout. I want to join the club, your membership will more likely not approve.

Monday, June 25, 2007

New Items from Japan Added.

Some new items from Japan Contingent have added into the World Jamboree Collectors Society new Photo Album. Those pictures include Japan Contingent Jamboree Jacket, Contingent scarf, Contingent cap, and Contingent Day Sack (Sponsored by McDonald in Japan) and ... Some Others are Japan Troop badge logo and T'shirt design.

You require to be the rigistered members of the Society to view this pictures. The Group address is at

Good Hunting.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

new images, new badges pictured required.

Kindly send me pictures and images of the contingent badges you know for the world jamboree. Your participation will make the blog better for more information if not the best. Perhaps, this is simply one of the such you can currently find over the internet service.

Keep sending me the posting and attachment to me at
Please add your name or may be comment to the messager as well. let everyone know who is reading.

your help is appreciated.